Effective from 1st January 2023; This replaces all previous Terms and Conditions


Coddington Village Hall CIO hereby nominates the HIRER as the person responsible for being in charge of, and on the premises, during the term of this letting.


You, not being a person under 18 years of age, hereby accept responsibility for being in charge of and on the premises at all times when the public are present and ensuring that all Standard Conditions under this Agreement relating to management and supervision of the premises are met.


Applications for hire must be made in writing on the Booking Form attached and submitted to the Bookings Secretary, together with the Conditions of Hire, which must be signed on each page to confirm your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Hire.   For one-off bookings all charges for the hire of the hall must be paid in advance.  The hire charge does not include any “free time” for setting up/clearing away before/after your event. If additional time for setting up or clearing away is required, this must be included within your booking period.

Use of the Premises

Fire regulations limit the maximum capacity of the Main Hall to 100 people.

Hiring Fees

Regular user; An invoice will be sent to the primary contact by email each month. This will be payable within one (1) calendar month of the invoice date.


If a Regular User cancels a week’s use without giving the Booking Secretary (07790 719870) 48 hours notice, they will be charged for that week’s usage. Should the Regular User cancel due to illness or other unavoidable reason then the cost for the day will be left to the discretion of the Trustees. If an Ad-Hoc Hirer cancels without giving 48 hours notice all fees will be forfeited.

Refundable Damage Bond £50

A refundable damage bond of £50 is to be paid by the HIRER. We ask that this is paid by cheque payable to “Coddington Village Hall”.  Should damage occur to any part of the property, including the curtilage thereof, or contents of the building, or to any adjoining property during the period of hiring and should the damage exceed the damage bond, the hirer will be charged the balance of the actual cost.  The damage bond cheque will be shredded if inspection by the Trustees shows there is no damage and the hall is left clean. If you require this to be returned to you, please supply a stamped addressed envelope for us to return it in.




WiFi Services

When using the WiFi service you agree at all times to be bound by the following provisions:

Not to use the WiFi service for any of the following purposes:-

Disseminating any unlawful, harassing, libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable material or otherwise breaching any law.

Transmitting material that constitutes a criminal offence or encourages conduct that constitutes a criminal offence, results in civil liability or otherwise breaches any applicable laws, regulations or code of practice.

Interfering with any persons use or enjoyment of the WiFi service or

Making, transmitting or storing electronic copies of material protected by copyright without permission of the owner.

To keep any username, password or any information which forms part of the WiFi service security procedure confidential and not to disclose it to any third party.

Provisions of these Standard Conditions including without limitation:

If  you use any equipment which is defective or illegal.

If you cause any technical or other problems to our WiFi service

If, in our opinion, you are involved in fraudulent or unauthorised use of our WiFi service

If you resell access to our WiFi service or

If you use our WiFi service in contravention of the terms of the Standard Conditions.

Availability of WiFi Services

Although we aim to offer the best WiFi service possible, we make no promise that the WiFi service will meet your requirements.  We cannot guarantee that our WiFi service will be fault-free or accessible at all times.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any WiFi enabled device used by you is compatible with our WiFi service and is switched on.  The availability and performance of our WiFi service is subject to all memory, storage and any other limitations of your device.  Our WiFi service is only available to your device when it is within the operative range of the main hall.

We are not responsible for data, messages or pages that you may lose or that become misdirected because of the interruptions or performance issued with our WiFi service or wireless communications networks generally. We may impose usage or service limits, suspend service or block certain kinds of usage in our sole discretion, to protect other users of our WiFi service. Network speed is no indication of the speed at which your WiFi enabled device or our WiFi service sends or receives data.  Actual network speed will vary based on configuration, compression and network congestion.

Privacy and Data Protection

We may collect and store personal data through your use of our WiFi service.

We may process all information about you which is provided in relation to WiFi service in accordance with your legal rights under the Data Protection 1998 and solely for the purposes of offering the WiFi service.

By using our WiFi service you agree to the terms of this clause.




 General Waste

Hirers are asked to remove any waste, surplus packaging etc created by themselves from the Hall when leaving.  It would be appreciated if Hirers would leave any furniture in the Hall as they found it on arrival.

Fire Safety

The Hirer, during the period of hire, must be familiar with and follow, any fire and health and safety procedures detailed on the notices in the foyer, be responsible for the supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage, however slight, and the behaviour of all persons using the premises whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of car parking arrangements, so as to prevent obstruction of the highway and in particular ensure that no nuisance in the way of noise is caused to the occupants of nearby dwellings. You must comply with the prohibition of smoking in public places provisions of the Health Act 2006 and regulations made thereunder.

NO NAKED FLAMES or anything that may be a fire hazard, such as highly flammable substances are to be brought into, or used in, any part of the premises.

No internal decorations of a combustible nature (e.g. polystyrene, cotton wool) are to be erected without our consent.

Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences

You must report as soon as possible any failure of our equipment or equipment brought in by you.  You must report all accidents involving injury to the public to us as soon as possible and complete the relevant section in our Accident Book.

Public Safety Compliance

You must comply with all conditions and regulations made in respect of the premises by the Local Authority and the Licensing Authority.

You must call the Fire Service to any outbreak of fire, however slight, and give details to the Bookings Secretary.

  • You acknowledge that you have made yourself aware of the actions to be taken in the event of a fire. This includes calling the Fire Brigade and evacuating the hall.
  • The location and use of fire equipment.
  • Method of operation of escape door fastenings.
  • Appreciation of the importance of any fire doors and closing of all fire doors at the time of a fire.
  • Location of the First Aid Box and Accident Book (located in the kitchen)


You must ensure that no unauthorised appliances are used on the premise when open to the public without our consent.  You must not use portable liquefied propane (LPG) heating appliances.

Other Centre Users

The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that there is no interference with persons hiring other parts of the premises.





Sub Let

The Hirer shall not sub-let, without prior approval of the Coddington Village Hall CIO, or use the premises in any unlawful way or bring onto the premises anything which may endanger the same or invalidate any insurance policies in respect thereof.


The Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining all licences that may be needed, whether for the consumption of intoxicating liquor or otherwise, and for the observance thereof and of all regulations appertaining to the premises.

Gaming, Betting and Lotteries

You must ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.

Music Copyright Licensing

You must ensure that we hold relevant licences under the Performing Right Society (PRS) and the Phonographic Performance Licence (PPL) or, where appropriate, you must hold such licence(s).


You must have our written permission for performances of live music and the playing of recorded music under Deregulation Act 2015.  This Agreement confers that permission.


You must restrict children from viewing age-restricted films classified according to the recommendations of the British Board of Film Classification.  You must ensure that you have the appropriate copyright licences for film. This Agreement confers the required permission on you. (The Deregulation Act 2015 requires you to have our written permission to show a film).

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults

You must ensure that any activities for children, young people and other vulnerable adults are only provided by fit and proper persons in accordance with the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and any subsequent legislation.

Food Safety

The Hirer shall, if preparing, serving or selling food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations.

Electrical Safety

The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that any electrical equipment brought onto the premises is safe and has a valid Portable Appliance (PAT) test certificate.

Prohibited Activities

The Hirer must not use any drawing pins, tape or anything else that might mark/damage the appearance of the building to hang notices, balloons or decorations (which must be fire retardant) on any part of the structure of the Village Hall.  If notices are to be displayed, the Hirer must use the noticeboards provided.

PARTY POPPERS, metallic confetti/decorations, shall not be used in the building.  The dyes indelibly stain the floor when wet.  SMOKE MACHINES AND BUBBLE MACHINES must not be used.



Drunk and disorderly behaviour and supply of illegal drugs

You must ensure that in order to avoid disturbing neighbours of the Hall and avoiding violent or criminal behaviour:

No one attending the event consumes excessive amounts of alcohol

No illegal drugs are brought onto the premises

Drunk and disorderly behaviour is not permitted either on the premises or in its immediate vicinity. We will ask any person suspected of being drunk, under the influence of drugs or who is behaving in a violent or disorderly way, to leave the premises in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.

End of Hire

The Hirer at the end of each hire period, shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surroundings in a clean and tidy condition, properly locked (including all windows locked) and secured unless otherwise directed, and any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions must be properly replaced.  Lighting, cooking and electrical equipment must all be turned off and all cutlery and crockery washed and put away and any kettles used are emptied of water.  Please leave the floors clean but do not use water, polish or other materials on the main hall’s wooden floor.

Any equipment or other items brought on to the premises by the Hirer must be removed at the end of the hire period unless express permission to do otherwise has been given by the Bookings Secretary prior to the event.

 If the premises are left in a condition necessitating other than routine cleaning by the cleaner then a charge of £30/hour will be deducted from the deposit.


The Hirer shall indemnify the Coddington Village Hall CIO against all claims or proceedings in respect of damage to the property and/or injury or death of any person which may occur prior to, during or after the period of hire and which are alleged to be a consequence of the activity or purpose of the hire.  This clause shall not apply in the event of negligence by the Coddington Village Hall CIO or any defect in the premises being the cause of such damage, injury or death.

The Coddington Village Hall CIO assumes no responsibility or liability for the property of the Hirer including damage, loss, theft, fire, flooding etc.

The Coddington Village Hall CIO shall not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage to the Hirer in the event of the hall not being available for reasons of incidents or events beyond their control.

Building not Available

In the event of the Hall or any part thereof being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired, or for any reasons or incidents beyond the control of the Trustees, then the Coddington Village Hall CIO shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever except for the refund of any fees paid in advance.


No animals, other than Guide Dogs for the Blind, are allowed on the premises without the express permission of the Bookings Secretary.



Annoyance, Noise or Nuisance

The Trustees shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that patrons awaiting entry to the premises, or leaving the premises, do not cause annoyance or nuisance, to any other person in the vicinity of the premises.

Any noise produced, or associated with the regulated entertainment shall not give reasonable cause for annoyance to the occupiers of nearby residential properties.

Privacy and Data Protection

Coddington Village Hall CIO will use your contact details for the purposes of this booking and not share them unless you have consented to your details being shared to market your business/respond to enquiries about your group/business/activity.  Your booking form will be kept for audit purposes in line with Charity Commission guidelines.



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on behalf of…………………………………………………………………. (if applicable)


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