In case of emergency the address is Coddington Village Hall, Main Street, Coddington. NG24 2PN.   What three words locator:   spoiler, tinted, lakeside.

The Trustees recognise the importance of health and safety and acknowledge the effective prevention of accidents depends on the establishment and observance of safe practices. Taking a sensible, proportionate approach is the key to making sure the hall provides a healthy and safe place for people to use without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Hirers and visitors will be expected to recognise their duty of care regarding the safety requirements as set out in the hiring agreement and with safety notices displayed on the premises and to accept responsibility to do everything to prevent injury to themselves and others.


Coddington Village Hall Trustees have overall responsibility for Health and Safety.

A copy of this policy is displayed on the notice board in the entrance hall.

It is the duty of hirers and visitors to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to cooperate with the Trustees in keeping the premises and gardens safe and healthy.

Should anyone using the hall come across a fault, damage or other situations which might cause injury, and which cannot be rectified immediately, they should inform either the Chairman or the Bookings Secretary so that the problem can be dealt with as soon as possible.


First Aid Box.  This is in the kitchen alongside the microwave. This is maintained by the Bookings Secretary.

Reporting of Accidents. Any accidents should be verbally reported to the Bookings Secretary.

Accident folder. In the first aid box in the kitchen.

Accident forms. Forms are in the accident folder. They should be put in an envelope and put in the Village Hall external post box located at the external entrance to the hall.

All accidents should be reported and logged.

In the event of a significant accident 999 should be called immediately.

The Accident folder will be reviewed as an agenda item every six months.

Hospitals: nearest Urgent Care Centre Bowbridge Road, Newark (not 24 hours).

Sherwood Forest Hospital Trust, KingsMill, Sutton in Ashfield.

Nottingham University Hospital Trust, Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham.


The Fire Safety Equipment is serviced by Chubb on an annual basis.

Fire Evacuation.

Main Hall: fire doors at each end of the hall exit to Main Street from the front of the Hall  and at the back of the Hall to the side access. The corridor and hall are separated by a firedoor.

Assembly Point. This is on the pavement outside the Scout Hall.

All electrical appliances used in the Village Hall will be PAT tested regularly.

Any Private electrical equipment brought in by users must be PAT tested.


Coddington Village Hall has a Premises Licence for the performance of plays, dance exhibitions of films and making music, performance of live music and indoor sporting events. This is displayed in the main corridor on the notice board.

There is no TV licence.




All hirers will be expected to read the hiring agreement. The agreement must be signed on each page acknowledging that they have read the agreement when making the booking. The Booking Secretary should remind hirers of their responsibilities to familiarise themselves regarding the position of fire appliances, fire evacuation procedure, assembly points notices, and advised of the location of the accident folder and safety policies.

All Hirers and visitors will be expected to recognise that they have a duty to comply with the practices and safety requirement set out by the Trustees in the hiring agreement and safety notices. They accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and others.

The following practices must be followed in order to minimise risk:

  • Make sure all emergency exit doors are clear and unblocked as soon as the hall is to be used and throughout the hiring. FIRE EXITS DOORS MUST NOT BE BLOCKED.
  • Do not operate or touch any electrical equipment where there is sign of damage, exposure of components or water penetration.
  • Do not work on steps or ladders until they are properly secured. Do not work at height alone.
  • Do not leave portable electrical or gas appliances operating while unattended.
  • Do not attempt to move heavy or bulky items. Children are not allowed to move tables or the trolleys.
  • Children are not allowed in the kitchen area. Any child engaged in any activity on the public side of the service hatch must be supervised by an adult.
  • Report any evidence of damage or faults to equipment or to the building to the Booking Secretary.



The Chairman or designated Trustee will be responsible for checking with contractors including self -employed persons before work starts that:

  • The contract is clear and understood by both the contractors and Trustees.
  • The contractors are competent to carry out the work, have appropriate qualifications references and experience.
  • Contractors have adequate public liability insurance.
  • Contractors are aware of CVH Health and Safety policy and are aware of any external hazards.
  • Contractors have knowledge of company’s and own health and safety policy.
  • Contractors do not work alone on ladders at height. A volunteer should be present if required.
  • The Contractor will be responsible to The Chairman or a designated Trustee who will oversee that the work is as requested and completed to a satisfactory standard.
  • Any alterations or additions to the electrical installations or equipment must conform to the current regulations of the Institute of Electrical Engineers.


Review of Health and Safety Policy

 The Trustees will review this policy annually. The next review is due————–.



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